Still Alone...

Hopelessly waiting for Daisy´s blog entry, but it feels like it will NeVeR happen...
Her practise is sooo long... this week yet!!!

My hubby is sleeping - he´s tired of night shifts...
What a pitty... night shifts with me NOT... Trucker´s tough life!

And poor is his wife!!!

xOxOx Sandy


Beeeeeedly Okay :_)


Sitting on bed with my hubby behind me lying in covers.
I just love to hear his breathe when he sleeps. It´s like ...
I´m safe....

I realized that He Is My Home... My sanity-sake!

(Photo taken two days ago, eating popcorn and watching films!)

Cooooming Hoooome!!!! *_*


Since 14th May I was on practise for school, 1O days plus weekends ... Finally I´m getting home!!!

I need my bed and my own room :_)) I love to be in flat with my hubby but honestly
I´m glad I´m gonna be home. I miss fights with my momma :_)

I also  made new look for our blog, hope to be popular soon.

xOxOx Sandy


Wakky Uppin´ :_P

Waking up and going to be entertaiment for my hubby in his truck!!! Country songs, long roads and our great LoVe!!! 
What can be better? :_D
xOxOx Sandy