TIQE by Petra Balvinova at Fluidum Fall 2011

Timeless simplicity....

Famous with Glasses #3 Miyam Bialik

 Miyam Bialik is actress best known for her role of nerdy microbilogist Amy Farah Fowler in The Big Band Theory. She isn´t much beautifull, she´s mother and great person. Her most famous role of Amy is wearing glasses so she belongs to Famous with glasses articles. After her appearance at Comic Con with glass frames from Ray Bun I´m not sure that she does not wear glasses in personal life too. But still I really like her style and fashion sence at awards and similiar events.


Beauties in the Wolrd of Fame #4 Brittany Daniel

 Brittany Daniel actress with perfect body, beautiful hair and the most fascinating smile in the world. Brittany wasw curvy but then she became fitness addicted and lost a lot of weight. In last few year she undergo breasts enlargment and some more years before she had cheek reduce.
We could see her in Little Man, White Chicks and Joe Dirt.

New Louis Vuitton campaign Yayoi Kusama LOVE FOREVER

Beauties in the World of Fame #3 Kristen Wiig

 Kristen Wiig is well known female comedian actress. She´s slim, she is beautifull with every hair color and her soft face is cute. Wiig could be seen in Whip It!, Knocked Up, Braidmates etc. Wiig isn´t typical beauty but still she is. She didn´t undergo any plastical surgery.


ADIDAS brings back 90, s.OLIVER watches weather and CCC prepares for winter

ADIDAS bwith their 90´s like collection ala TeddyBear

 s.OLIVER cares about our skin in cold weather in multiple colors - sweaters, balerines, trousers, leggings

CCC comes with winter collection of shoes and matching bags.