Sunny Afternoon :_*

Today we were sunbathing at our friends´ garden :_P
We took our Thappy with us and she was such a sweetheart... :_))
As always is she :_)
"Zzzzz" now she´s sleeping next to me :_*
Our friends have smallie pool, so we bath in it too :_*And my hair dryed all afternoon naturally so I´m posting a photo of myself - ABSOLUTELY natural :_) photos without editing! Hope you will like it, it´s a car-ride! I love to have natural hair in summer - I wet them every morning, it´s chance for it to be free without straighter.
 I´m posting also some photos of Thappy´s cuddle-timing :_)
 And now a threesome - Mattie, me and Megie. My two friends and classmates. Last day of school. I passed this year with one D from Math. It´s okay cuz I improved in 5 subjects and only one D is really good on this school, where every 2nd student has 3 Ds at least. We went for milkshakes - I tried honey-melon with multivitamin gelé. It was great!!!

 TANNING TIPS IN NEXT ENTRY!!! Tanning in the sun, tanning in sun-bed. Tips from true sunbathing addicted and user of sunbed for whole winter. FROM ME!!!

xOxOx Sandy


SUMMER 2012 Fashion Tips


Fashion review for new pieces in fashion world.


 brings us this summer phenomenal floral and bohemic textures and patterns. This collection is designed to celebrate of femminity and female beauty.

 Roberto Cavalli

 desinged really cool clothes for 2013. I really like those tops and these prints.  It´s rebellic and elegant once in awhile  And the final point Cavalli made for this is fact, that this collection is perfect with sandals and open shoes, but I think that "Mary Jane"styled shoes wouldn´t be bad at all.


brought us a complete new swimsuit and bathsuit collection. And as we can see it´s really stylish and combines classics with moderns. I must say that the biggest favourite of Dessue swimsuit of this year are those black with stripes bikini with one side of bra with stripes and the other whole black. This bra can be great gun for women and girls with diffrent sized breasts, but they must be carefull - because the bra can set for example for left breast smaller than the right one AND IT COULD NOT WORK THE SAME WITH THE OTHER TYPE (right breasts smaller than the left one) I´m sure you know what I mean.

Summer Hair for 2012

The hair-stylists from the whole world did set the most trendy and most perfect and the BEST HOTTEST hair-do and shape for this summer!!! It´s a BOB!!! Short and straight, with or without bang... You head won´t be too warm and shorter hair does dry much more quickly.


did a new collection too, but I´m sure it´s horrible. Adidas is original a simple and sporty. Adidas means the best sportwear and the most wanted in Czech rep. But this collection of bathsuits it absolutely out of fashion line. The only thing I like about it are women bikini and swimsuits. BEWARE OD WEARING ANYTHING ELSE FROM THIS COLLECTION!


this collection does not need any recense or fashion guru to tell. For God IT´S LV!!! This collection speaks out herself. The only thing to say is that LV was inspired by Paris at Spring and Summer. ENJOY!

Monolo Blahnik

came out with really iconic and  easy remeberable shoes. Collors, themes and a lil´ bit for every woman! ENJOY THIS COLLECTION FOR 2012.


 AND NOW THE LAST FINAL TOUCH!!!!! MOST STYLISH FLIP FLOPS!!! Emporio Armani made this and it´s phenomenal - as always.


Fashion le Baggy Pants *_*

Hoollleeer Twice! :_D

Hahahah! xD
Posting outfits of me and my friend Mattie :_)

Hair: Simple Bedhead Up-do
Earrings: flowers with purple stone
Neklace: golden thin neklace with black pearl
Top: white thank and light grey pluvor
Trousers: dark greay baggy pants from F&F
Shoes: black ballerines with metal ring-holes from Deichmann

Hair: Straighted with metal black headband
Glasses: sunglasses from Gate
Earrings: colorchanging crystals from Swarovski
Neklace: silver think neklace with silver ankh
Top: white thank top with black written "F*ck your Ex I´m Next" from Gate; white sweater with golden logo and stripes on sleeves from Adidas
Trousers: light blue baggy jeans from Takko
Belt: leather brown thick belt from F&F
Shoes: light brown ballerines with little golden buckles on from Ural Line
Bag: Light grey leopard or tiger prints grey bag with glossy
                                                                                                              black acc.from F&F

The Greased nostalgia :_)

Sorry for not entrying last five days :_((
It has been busy for me :_) Finally I´ve got dog at home :_))
He name is Thappy and she is sooo cute and sweet! :_*
I really love her - she´s 11 years old, but she´s goodie :_3
Oldie but goodie :_)
She eats, drinks, makes poops and pees, and she loves to cuddle a lot so I think she´ll be okay with staying forever :_) <3

And I was watchin´ The Grease two days ago!
Oh maaan, my childhood was so close :_) 
I felt so nostalgic. So I´m posting pics of gramophone soundtrack my dad brought home almost 20 years ago from England.

Gonna post my and my friends Mattie´s outfit in next article :_) Probs you read it before it :_D

xOxOx Sandy


Hottest Nails summer 2012

This summer is the hottest nail-fashion the caviar manicure!!!!
Strange?? Not at all, it´s pretty and nice!!!

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500 views!!! :_*


Thanks for every visit!!!! I really appreciate it!!! :_))

Luv ya :_*
xOxOx Sandy


Moosey Pajama :_*


I found another fabulous blogger!!!
Her name is Sara ands she loves blue color :_)
And she really knows how to wear it :_)
Her blog is right here :_*

Photo of me without make-up, wearing glasses and with my natural wavy hair :_P
And now my cute pajama!!! *_*
My dad brought me this t-shirt from Finland :_)
Mooses are their official animal :_P
And better shot of my cute ice-creammy nail
with french mani :_))

Lovin´ it :_*