Verenique -The fashion desinger- Introduction

Hoollleer everybody!! :_))
Few weeks ago I found on art website Deviant Art young and potencional fashion desinger nicknamed Verenique. She´s very good and she desinged two or three own collections. Those who visits my blog frequently sure noticed the Affiliates box with her icon and blog. When there´s not much news in fashion world I will post some of her work I like the most.
Verenique is extremely talented and she´s really good at making her desings come true.

And now with her permission to post her work here, here she goes!

Last picture is her lastest work :_) I simply love these colors.


Luxury And Cuteness Tips !!!

 Gold and Silver 

- what´s bigger sign of luxury than Gold and Silver ??? Nothing... maybe diamonds or crystals....

And now cute nail themes 

 Why to keep for only Ringfinger diffrent theme ??? Once I´m gonna try this!!!

 Nails like a teddy-bear!!!!
Daises :_) on the blue background :_)



Hottest Shoes Fall 2O12

Do you want to be hot even the temperature goes down??? Fall 2012 is directing us to wear rockstar shoes. Leather shoes with heels and metal accents are the best choice!!!

 High cut of shoes - high heels - good visible metal accents - platform

 And you can be much better rockstar with metallic nail-polish from Cocco Channel. Make your nails the same as your shoes.


Helena Mertlova

Helena Mertlova brings us new collection :_) Well done, Helena :_)) I want it all!!!


One thousand views crossed!!! :_*

Good morning gals :_))
When I went to sleep last night I saw number 998 on totalpageviews.
I wondered how many will be in the morning.... and I see the amazing 1006 views here!!!
I thank to everyone who leaves and left comments and even them who just visited :_))
In upcoming week I´m about to post something special in co-work with the Verenique in my Affiliates :_))
Love you all my 10 readers, I know it´s not much but still great for me :_))


Wedding dress of year! Best and Worst!

 Stephane Rolland : all white dress with apparted sleeve and tight desing can be dream of every woman. But only slim or skinny women can wear this. The invisible part under neck is making good inpression only with small breasts. And desing of dress is not good for women with big hips and ass.
Elie Saab: This dress are made for princesses and Queens. Normal people wouldn´t be able to be so classy and cute in it.
Basil Soda: Vintage dress with golden accents and thin material would suit to almost every average woman and make her unique for her big day.
Versace: Silk in PVC is too extravagant for wedding dress. But the nude color is very exclusive and signs luxury.

Seran Cura, Jean Paul Gaultier and Basil Soda brought us really extravagant models of wedding dress. Cura decided to show whole legs and arms, but covered chest and back with veils. Gaultier wanted to make Bride look like circus-principal and here it goes, he had done well this way, but I really don´t believe that Brides would like to look like this for their big day. And Soda´s wedding dress ??? Well, if Bride loves the Dead Bride movie and wants to look like the main character than why not?


Fashion News - Collections

Louis Vuitton introduces new desings of bags and handbags. This collection is full of new coats and shoes, but my opinion is that only handbags and bags are real success.

Christian Louboutin brought us PVC pumps. The center of shoes is thru vissible.

Alexander Vauthier made comeback to 80´s! Luxury golden, hottest combination :_)

Basil Soda decided to keep his moves with other fashion desingers and brought us vintage look with asian accents. A lot of his dress are really couragerous.

Georges Hobeika does the same as Soda. Keep his moves in vintage style. Stepford wives style is very hot this year.

Giambattista Valli has bad year. Tried to made a Stepford Wives style too but overrated it with those queen neck wrasps. Thumb down for this collection.
Valentino brings us Assian Princess style with vintage patterns. I love it!!! Well done. Nude colors are hot tip these days and luxury dark colors as glossy navy blue or mate black make his work totally awesome!

Zuhair Murad bet on laces, gloss and the lust of every woman - being Goddess. Vintage patterns and bohemian desings makes his collection the HOTTEST OF THE YEAR!!! MOST SUCCESSFULL!

Armani brought us new simple style in his Prive collection. Pastel colors, simple hats, baggy and free outfits. This will be the wanted a lot. Silk and glossy.


Two Outfits :_P New thingies :_)


I feel so good today to post some personal stuff.
But I STILL don´t feel so hot as ussually.
This is just bright moment ... in my depression.

I bought cute thingies today - a vintage pictured dose with birdo and rosses and amazingly smelling deodorant. It´s smelling like fruits in ocean. And something cute for my Thappy doggie :_* it´s a pad under her bowls with food and water.

 Deodorant Mel Merio from Rossman
 Mel Mario - Attractive girl
Smells like parfume full of fruit soaked in the middle of the ocean. This deo-spray is with panthenol and vitamin E.

 Thappy´s pad :_)
she already used it :_D

 Causual outfit 
TOP: black tight with long sleeves
PANTS: light blue Kenvelo jeans
SHOES: black with high heel and platform from Deichmann
BAG: grey with animal prints F&F
ACCESORRIES: rings Takko
HAIR: straighted tied up in ponytail

Freetime Outfit
 TOP: navy baggy t-shirt with silver matellic written "How CAN´T YOU know me?"
PANTS: sweat pants
SHOES: black sporty flip flops
BAG: grey with animal prints F&F
ACCESORRIES: ringssilver
HAIR: straighted tied up in ponytail

Nail-news :_)

Feelling better :_)
Going to meet Megie today :_)
I have new nails !!!!
Longer and cute :_D