Two Outfits :_P New thingies :_)


I feel so good today to post some personal stuff.
But I STILL don´t feel so hot as ussually.
This is just bright moment ... in my depression.

I bought cute thingies today - a vintage pictured dose with birdo and rosses and amazingly smelling deodorant. It´s smelling like fruits in ocean. And something cute for my Thappy doggie :_* it´s a pad under her bowls with food and water.

 Deodorant Mel Merio from Rossman
 Mel Mario - Attractive girl
Smells like parfume full of fruit soaked in the middle of the ocean. This deo-spray is with panthenol and vitamin E.

 Thappy´s pad :_)
she already used it :_D

 Causual outfit 
TOP: black tight with long sleeves
PANTS: light blue Kenvelo jeans
SHOES: black with high heel and platform from Deichmann
BAG: grey with animal prints F&F
ACCESORRIES: rings Takko
HAIR: straighted tied up in ponytail

Freetime Outfit
 TOP: navy baggy t-shirt with silver matellic written "How CAN´T YOU know me?"
PANTS: sweat pants
SHOES: black sporty flip flops
BAG: grey with animal prints F&F
ACCESORRIES: ringssilver
HAIR: straighted tied up in ponytail

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Největší radost mi udělá, když moje příspěvky pomohou najít domov pejskům, které sem dávám. // The biggest joy I will feel, when my entries will help to find home to dogs I post here.