Stop Staff :_((


I´m ill. Thappy has teeth problems so big I have to get rid with that as soon as possible. My stress-line is overrated: My hubby is driver since the day we met, but he´s now a real trucker, our loneliness is bigger day by day. I have to make our bedroom comfortable for two adults and one oldie doggie with long tail, this issue is taking my time for months, because we can´t find ideal furniture. And the cherry on this cake is that - the skin infection came back after three years. Three years no signal or sympthome of skin infection and suddendly I got runny nose and caugh from my 3-years-old niece and tradaaaaaaaah "Hi, I´m your worst hurting enemy - faceskin infection you had been riding of 3 three years along (y. 2006-2009) and after a little 3-years-long relax under your skin I wanted to see how are you!!!" It hurts so much :_(((

So for few days, maybe even weeks I won´t be that much active with my personal stuff. I will try to post something everyday, but I´m not sure.

See ya soon.

Wooden bracelet with Saints (Kat von D wears the same here )

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  1. I am experiencing skin problem too :( so I totally hear you! I think stress plays a big part in your returning skin problem so maybe find ways to relief your stress :) Hope you feel better soon, take care!


    1. Aww you´re so kind, sweetcheeck :_)) Hope you will have no problems wtih skin soon :_) Wish you good luck and take a care :_))

      Thanks a lot for visiting and comment :_)
      xOxOx Sandy


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