Summer Hot Outfit :_)

Hooolleer!! :_))

Posting my today-hot-outfit :_))
I just love outfit in code TANK+JEANS :_PP
I feel great today to post it, I´m full figure type
Young boys and stupido rappers turn their heads
for skinny/slim barbies.
That´s what I can see when I walk around town.
Jealous views and looks from all women,
droolin´ men turning their heads off :_DDD
I like my big booty :_)) Breast could be smaller, but as they say
"Learn how to love what you´ve got"

I walk around town with Thappy next to me and felt like I´m blessed :_) It was great warm sunny day, just like this day was made for me to take a long walk :_* I guess weather tried to cheer me up, because I have a horrible pimpels on the nose bridge :_/ It hurts and it seems to kind of infection in skin :_( My headache passed by more easilly than ever today, I think it was caused by the walk and fresh air :_)) I glad I live in small town, because I can walk everywhere in there with dog, here´s not so much cars on roads and evenings are pretty calmed here :_)) A lot of greenplaces here and the architecture isn´t bad here. In last few years this town changed a lot - reconstructions everywhere.

 Floral themed tank top from Italy - black sportsbra - light blue denim jeans from Kenvelo
 I perfectly straighted my hair and hit´em streets :_DD

 I just still can´t believe how I lucky I am :_) She cuddles like this every single morning and theese days we enjoy some relax :_)
And when she´s sleeping, she still needs to feel me. She always push herself to me or just put her paw on my legs or back :_* Eating well, drinking well, sleeping well, peeing weel :_D making poops well :_)) So I think... NOPE I KNOW she´s all well with me :_))

I´m just blaming myself for not taking her here a months ago :_/ I should do that - she was in place where 2-years-old brat could hurt her on her lovely tail, twist her cute ears and noone was able to take her out for real walk around block at least. Now she sleeps next to me and I feel like I find what my purpose is - I shall to make dogs´s life better. I wanna adopt oldies and make their ends of lives brighter and loving to make their leaving, passing easier and letting them know they have been loved ...

Thappy is my 4th dog. 1st Haryk was already old when I was born and died at my age of 5. 2nd was black cockerspaniel Dina who run away because of her puppies we sold. 3rd was Jessy - she was 10 months old when we brought her home, and she lived with us for 8 wonderfull years she made our hearts full of animal love, even thru she was agressive with other dogs and barked all the time, we loved and we wouldn´t ever give her away. We gave her euthanasis, because she had cancer in pelvis :_( She was creamy and ginger collored, what is really precious for cockerspaniels. :_( R.I.P my loves, I will always remember you. Jessy the most cuz she was with me in the worst times of my life and helped me to stand on my two. Love you all, my dogs. Always in memories :_*

xOxOx Sandy

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  1. Máš moc hezké tričko, tedy vlastně tílko :) :) a taky pejska :) ;)

  2. Děkujiii :_)) Koupila jsem ho na trzích v Itálii :_) STálo asi 2 eura :_)

  3. you look amazing!! Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog :) I follow you now <3


  4. Waw, sexy fotky! ;-) Italský tílko vypadá výborně.
    Okýnko s pravidelnými čtenáři je dobrej tah, sleduju! ;-)

    1. Jeeee děkuju, Vivi, od takový famozní bloggerky to potěší :_))


Největší radost mi udělá, když moje příspěvky pomohou najít domov pejskům, které sem dávám. // The biggest joy I will feel, when my entries will help to find home to dogs I post here.