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Louis Vuitton introduces new desings of bags and handbags. This collection is full of new coats and shoes, but my opinion is that only handbags and bags are real success.

Christian Louboutin brought us PVC pumps. The center of shoes is thru vissible.

Alexander Vauthier made comeback to 80´s! Luxury golden, hottest combination :_)

Basil Soda decided to keep his moves with other fashion desingers and brought us vintage look with asian accents. A lot of his dress are really couragerous.

Georges Hobeika does the same as Soda. Keep his moves in vintage style. Stepford wives style is very hot this year.

Giambattista Valli has bad year. Tried to made a Stepford Wives style too but overrated it with those queen neck wrasps. Thumb down for this collection.
Valentino brings us Assian Princess style with vintage patterns. I love it!!! Well done. Nude colors are hot tip these days and luxury dark colors as glossy navy blue or mate black make his work totally awesome!

Zuhair Murad bet on laces, gloss and the lust of every woman - being Goddess. Vintage patterns and bohemian desings makes his collection the HOTTEST OF THE YEAR!!! MOST SUCCESSFULL!

Armani brought us new simple style in his Prive collection. Pastel colors, simple hats, baggy and free outfits. This will be the wanted a lot. Silk and glossy.

4 komentáře:

  1. Nádhera, nevím, co obdivovat dřív.
    Aspoň jedny lodičky se slavnou červenou podrážkou by se mi moc hodily ;-).

  2. Hrozně se mi líbí kolekce Alexandre Vauthier :-)

    1. Ano, ano to je letos jedna z nejúspěšnějších kolekcí :_)


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