INSPIRATIONS of mine for 2012

 Celeste Bonin aka Kaitlyn (WWE) inspired me to buy dioptrical nerdy glasses. And having my bang back. 

Nicki Minaj is bringing back curvalicious fashion with her fake buttstocks, but honestly - WHY PUMP UP YOUR BOOBIES WHEN YOU CAN PUMP UP YOUR BOOTIES???

 Adele - her photos in hat are making me feeling like beauty is always visible when you know how to show it. Hats are inpsiring.She´s pregnant, her voice is in the best shape and after her horrible break up she finally found the man of her dreams without being fake and plastic from head to toes.

 Lana Del Ray - her over-collagened lips, thick self-called vintage mascara around her eyes, huge hairdo and most likely deep voice. She inspires me to BE YOURSELF unlike her. She just copies Adele and all her songs are the same way with classic music mixed with indie and deep killing love, always calls baby in it and bets on lovely but morbid style. She with disgusting crossed lips and stupid duckface in every video or photo makes me thinking "where the smart ppl had gone?" She decided to be the slim version of Adele.

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Největší radost mi udělá, když moje příspěvky pomohou najít domov pejskům, které sem dávám. // The biggest joy I will feel, when my entries will help to find home to dogs I post here.