Less Adoptable Pets

because I´m real dog lover I think I should do something about it.
In South America and in some other countries are plenty of abadonned and lonely pet souls without a home. And why? Because they are old, blind or diffrent... In fact it reality totally diffrent. Theese Less Adoptables will love you more because you give them something their lost or never met up with or never had. I find my life purpose and it´s to care about theese hopeless souls.

My super kind, super nice and super cuddling dog female Thappy is 11 years old. I took her from my mom-in-law and honestly it´s the best dog! My mom-in-law didn´t wanted to care about her, she was lonely. Everybody was walking around her like Thappy wasn´t there. They took her out two times a day, that´s really wrong, every dog needs to out three or four times at least. She sleeps with me in bed, cuddles with me when I feel bad, loves me the way noone could. She a mix of german shepherd, bordercolia and dachshund. 

So decided to post theese posters made for the Adpoting Less-Adoptable Pets.
Theese poster really cauchted the point and show how hard they need us.

THE ADOPT-A-LESS-ADOPTABLE-PET week is every year in 17-25th September. But you don´t have to adopt theese souls full of love this week, adopt everyday in year and be sure you will be paid back by their love. 

And to prove that adopting this kind of pet is the best you can do is my oldie goodie doggie Thappy.
I was always pro for adopting less adoptable dogs. My former dog Jessy a cockerspaniel, had a neurotic deffect - she was too dominant to other dogs, she wanted to fight with them all the time and as female she shouldn´t be marking her territory, but she was marking it all the time, but to me and my family she was god-blessed miracle. She was also cancer diagnosed in one year of her age and even we had her only 8 years, they were amazing years.  Now Thappy a mix of three breeds is amazing loving dog. She gives the reason to wake up in the morning. Just like every thankfull dog in this planet. Why buying expensive breeds of dogs when you can get amazing and trully loving pet like theese cute ones?

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Největší radost mi udělá, když moje příspěvky pomohou najít domov pejskům, které sem dávám. // The biggest joy I will feel, when my entries will help to find home to dogs I post here.