First Fashion Review


 Today  I made big realize! I´M NOT LOSER!
So if anybody does not like anything I do, then the one
has to deal with it!!! :_P
Hubby is sleeping next to me as ussually before his night shift.
I feel so safe with him next to me.
Watching Shrek 1 while typing this entry.
Feeling hot and beautifull, that´s right!!! :_))
Bimbo Diva power! :_D

I feel better today, so I deciced to make
First Fashion Review for my blog!
I choosed to take a look at
WWE Divas Beth Phoenix and Natalya Neidhart
(Twitter : TheBethPhoenix and NatbyNature )

 Beth Phoenix - Divas Focus 2012 ( http://bethphoenixonline.net/ )
tight black dress with zipps pays attention to her rocking and fabulous figure which she has! We can clearly see her perfectly built legs and arms. Fabulous choice! And those shoes? Nothing wrong with them! Suits her really fine and the contrast of gentle beige heels with rocker black dress is sooo cool! PERFECT FOR: disco, party or just walking in town

 Natalya Neidhart - Divas Focus 2012 ( http://natalie-neidhart.net/ )

Black stylish ala secretary dress fits really nice to her figure. Matte black gives cool look to glossy belt what makes elegant dress even more elegant! Red lipstick and oldie waves makes her look like modern Marylin Monroe. And Louis Vuitton shoes are never bad choice!!!
PERFECT FOR: job interview, meeting with new clients or make impression on your new boss

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