Sunshiny Cheerfull Day :_*


Me and my hubby went to visit our close friends :_)
We did BarBeQue, hmmm delicious and yummy :_3
While the meat and wieners on roast I sunbathed my body :_)
I´m a little burned but a lil´bit of creaming and It´ll be okay ;_)
And I´m sexy sun kissed tanned :_D

Then we drove to Spa to fill pet bottles with mineral water.
My Dad drinks only one special mineral water from spa.
This water´s called Richard and it´s in Lázně Kynžvart. 

And something sweet happened on our way to our friends!
A lot of cows were just right beside the road!

I musted take few photos of them!
 Mommy and kiddo :_*

 This one was extremely sweet :_))
Now when my hubby sleeps after night shift and whole day of
making me happy and driving around town, I´m eating
Chongo cereals with milk and watching the Up movie :_)
I always cry in the beggining of this movie, but tell me...
Who wouldn´t cry? :´_(

xOxOx Sandy

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Největší radost mi udělá, když moje příspěvky pomohou najít domov pejskům, které sem dávám. // The biggest joy I will feel, when my entries will help to find home to dogs I post here.