Jodie Marsh in Candy Bikini photoshoot

I know that this is more than 7 years old photoshoot
but I really her looks here. Jodie is now bodybuilder and joined company of Celebrity Big Brother in UK again.
Hot body, perfect blond hair and sweet candy bikini!
Jodie has own reality show named Totally Jodie Marsh, she´s also well-known for her topless clothes and slutty attitude. Jodie was in Celebrity Big Brother together with Pete Burns and she was the first person who was voted out. Pete Burns called her an imbecile and made a big drama around her person.  ANYWAY I really adore the look she had back in this photoshoot altough I was never her fan.


Jodie Marsh was born on December 23, 1978 in Brentwood, Essex, England. She is an English softcore model, best known for appearing topless in numerous publications and photographs and her high profile feuds with numerous other celebrities.

Her father's name is John Marsh. When she was very young she suffered a hockey accident and her nose was disfigured. She had attended the Brentwood School.

In 1993 she had a plastic surgery to reconstruct her nose and in a couple of years she entered lap dance and stripping industry at the Stringfellow's nightclub. She became very popular after the topless appearances in publications.

In 2006 she appeared on Celebrity Big Brother and next year on "Totally Jodie Marsh - Who'll take her up the Aisle?". During the years she was seen in many magazines and now she has millions of fans worldwide.

In 2005 her autobiography called "Keeping It Real" was published. On September 1, 2007 she married Matt Peacock. Her former boyfriends were Kenzie and Fran Cosgrave. She is a sexy blonde woman who knows what she wants and works a lot in order to achieve this. We are sure she will continue having a great success and who knows what else is expecting her?

Trivia :

- Height: 157 cm.
Quotes :
- "I've got much more style than Jordan. I don't just go out in a bra and knickers and I don't think I dress like a tart."

- "I've always said I want to be bigger than Jordan -- fame-wise that is. I always wanted to be someone major like Jordan, so all this happening to me is fantastic."

- "I'm very, very, very competitive in everything I do, I will be trying hard to beat everybody."

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